• I'm absolutely in love with the grey wrap that I bought last week. I have a 3 week old and a 16 month old and having the little one in the wrap has been the only way I've been able to get anything done! It's to the point that I don't even want to wash it as I don't think I'll cope with it being out of action for a day, hence the second order!
Initially I was going to get a wrap from one of the baby shops, but I'm so happy I was told about you. Not only cheaper but a much nicer range of colors and i think better quality. –Jess

• I finally used your gorgeous wrap, I love it. Not sure how but it made my 10kg chubba weightless…I will be spreading the word cos honestly most ftm reach for a *different brand* but in my opinion yours is so much better! Softer, easier to use, cheaper, I’ll be telling everyone! – Kyla

• We went for a walk this morning; so comfy; best wrap; so stretchy and holds without any sagging!
3rd carrier/wrap I have tried and your wrap wins hands down! - Cassandra

• Omg I'm loving this!!!! Thanks a million!! – Carine

• So happy with it, compared to the baby carrier I was using I wish I had this sooner! will be purchasing another colour for sure. –Brooke

• Loving my new Husband & Co Baby wrap! Easiest way to get things done with a baby who just wants to cuddle. – Lorin

• Love my bubba wrap so much & my baby girl likes it even more, so comfy and easy to wear & put on. Lovely colours, soft cool fabric and quick postage xxx – Brooke

• Amazing, good quality fabric hat is so comfortable to wear! Love them. – Cassandra

• Gorgeous fabrics and so easy to use. Love my wrap :) – Lorin

• Two words... Freakin' amazing!! So worth the money. So supportive to bub. - Jaqueline

• These wraps are Amazing & have been a life saver for me & my fussy/gassy baby. Love ur work Husband & co Baby!!! –Belinda

• Two minutes in the @husbandandcobaby wrap and nola is asleep, it's so comfy for me to carry her in it, no straps digging in to me!!! And nola clearly loving it – Whitney
• Soooo thanks to you, we had our first shopping trip last week! I was so nervous having a newbie and a 3 yr old in tow but the wrap made it so easy! I think he loves it as much as I do! Thank you! – Melanie

• ABSOLUTLY love the wrap! It’s so easy! Little miss Emily hasn’t been feeling well today and carrying her in this has been a blessing. –Tracy

• In love with our new one, Mahala feels so secure and it feels and looks amazing on. – Anita